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  • NEWS CHAIN is a content traffic advertising platform based on Blockchain. The goal is to establish a network that uses Big data and Blockchain to make contribution pricing and return on equity in the content production field by using decentralized consensus method. Content producers, investors, and consumers can receive reasonable incentives and rewards from it. Advertiser can also achieve precision marketing on the platform.

  • Ordinary User
  • Need to read, comment, share content or click advertisement which can get certain NEWS TOKEN and make our official APP more active.                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Content Producer
  • Produce high quality, and audiences are acceptable contents to obtain NEWS TOKEN. Purchase coins for content advertising, increase exposure, and consume coins.                                                                              

  • Advertiser
  • NEWS TOKEN can be purchased for advertising, which shows the efficiency of advertising. The blockchain APP provides a market analysis tool based on NEWS TOKEN to make the advertising more accurate.

  • Blockchain precision advertising marketing

  • Content storage and copyright protection

  • NEWS CHAIN content in third party pricing, tracking and trading

  • Effective content and traffic discriminant and mechanism method

  • NEWS CHAIN architecture is divided into four layers: Blockchain, intelligent recommendation algorithm, content distribution, client.

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